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Character Dialogue
C-woody I can't believe it! You didn't win?
C-buzz Sorry, Woody. This time Zurg took things too far...
C-woody Don't worry about it. You just keep looking for Zurg, and I'll help get this place up and running.

Zurg Must Be Somewhere

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Send Woody to check for Zurg at Pizza Planet. *
"Check Pizza Planet"
12h M-xp15, M-magic50
Send Buzz to check for Zurg at Astro Orbiters. **
"Check Astro Orbiters"
Send Jessie to search Jessie's Snack Roundup. ***
"Check Snack Roundup"

* Requires Pizza Planet
** Requires Astro Orbiters
*** Requires Jessie's Snack Roundup

Character Dialogue
C-woody Any luck?
C-buzz Unfortunately, no... It seems that Zurg's gone into hiding once again.
C-woody Nut we'll find him... No matter what it takes!
C-woody You gotta admire Buzz's determination. No matter what, he never gives up.


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