Character Dialogue
C-sulley The power's out... our friends are unhappy... Mike, we gotta do something.
C-mike wazowski I know, I know... Time to make 'em laugh.
C-sulley Then what are we waiting for?
C-mike wazowski I just had to get Randall to leave. Now come on; let's give 'em a show!

When in Doubt, Laugh

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mike wazowski
Level 3
Send Mike to perform the big show! *
"Visit the Laugh Floor with Sulley"
12h M-xp8, M-magic50
Level 3

* Requires Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski You were killin' me in there, Sulley.
C-sulley No, it was you! With the Randall bit. I'm STILL crying.
C-mike wazowski I can't stand that gut, but he does make for great material.
C-mike wazowski And look! All the lights are up and running!
C-mike wazowski Huh? Maybe Randall's not so bad to have around, after all.