Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse Hey Goof, are you doin' anything right now?
C-goofy Well... I'm talkin' to you. That's somethin'!
C-mickey mouse Ha-ha! What do you say we go hang out some place where we can get some pie?

What's New?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mickey mouse
Level ?
Send Mickey to visit Daisy's Diner. *
"Chat at Daisy's Diner"
8h M-xp8, M-magic50
Level ?

* Requires Daisy's Diner

Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse Gosh, it sure was nice to catch up with ya, pal!
C-goofy Yeah, it was great chattin' with you too, Mickey -- especially over pie! A-hyuck!
C-mickey mouse Pie does kinda make everything better. Even PIE! Ha-ha!


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