Character Dialogue
C-merlin-incredible Ah, how the not-so-mighty have fallen... It only goes to show that heroism is measured in deeds, not words.
C-merlin-incredible Though it appears that some are reluctant to learn that lesson...

Welcome a Non-Hero

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-syndrome Welcome Syndrome. 60m Update-2-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-syndrome Grrrr... HOW could that ungrateful, over-entitled TRAIN WRECK of a family possibly upstage ME?! AGAIN!!!
C-syndrome Well, just you wait, Supers! This isn't the end of it! Forget about Omnidroids. If I want revenge, I'M the only one I need.
C-syndrome I WILL be hailed as a hero -- no matter how many people I have to crush along the way.