Character Dialogue
C-merlin-incredible It seems we're missing a key family member. One whose experience as an insurance claims adjuster will be of no value at all.
C-merlin-incredible BUT, lucky for us he has other skills that are rather impressive. Yes, yes, he is a hero of truly heroic proportions!

Welcome a Hero

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mr. incredible Welcome Mr. Incredible. 8h Update-2-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-mrs. incredible Bob! Oh, honey, I've been looking for you everywhere! I'm SO glad you're safe...
C-mr. incredible Whoa, Helen! Why all the panic? I was just out picking up the dry cleaning.
C-mr. incredible It was my one thing to do today. Wasn't it?
C-mr. incredible Uh-oh. Did I misread the chore chart again?


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