Character Dialogue
C-mr. incredible So, there's this kid -- Rusty -- who's always hanging around the house when I get home, like he's expecting some kind of show.
C-mr. incredible Must've been that time I dead-lifted my car... or when the jet blew up over our backyard.
C-mr. incredible Well, I heard it's the kid's birthday. So, I thought I'd REALLY give the little guy something to write home about.

Weight Training

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mr. incredible
Level 1
Send Mr. Incredible to show off his strength at home. *
"Show Off Strength"
4h Update-2-m-currency25

* Requires The Incredibles House

Character Dialogue
C-mr. incredible Hah! Did you see that? Boy, I really made that kid's day...
C-mr. incredible ... I think I may have dented the undercarriage, though.