Wandering Seeds is a mini event where Wandering Seeds have appearing in the Kingdom! Tap them to spread springtime cheer.


Wandering Seeds

Wandering Seeds started on 19th April 2017 and ended on 27th April 2017, lasting 8 days.

  • Wandering Seeds are spawned in groups of 10 every 4 hours. A total of 480 this special event.

Milestones Rewards
1 M-wandering seed10 M-magic1,500
2 M-wandering seed30 Bronze Enchanted Chest
3 M-wandering seed100 Silver Enchanted Chest
4 M-wandering seed200 Earth Day Stand
(valued at M-gem60)

Rank Rewards
1-10 M-gem10, M-magic5,000, Platinum Enchanted Chest
11-100 M-gem10, M-magic4,500
101-350 M-gem7, M-magic3,500
351-650 M-gem5, M-magic2,500
651-1,250 M-magic2,500
1,251-2,250 M-magic1,500