Character Dialogue
C-merlin Goodness, I'm starting to forget what the Kingdom was like before this confounded CURSE came along.
C-merlin But with a little alakazam and abracadabra, we can take a peek inside the imagination of another for inspiration.
C-merlin Let us go visit a friend's Kingdom!
C-merlin This friend's Kingdom is bursting with Magic thanks to their magnificent imagination! Let's gather some while we're here.
C-merlin Hmmm, it seems that the spell limits the amount of Magic we can gather per visit.
C-merlin Well then, after we've gathered what we can, let's return to our own Kingdom.

Visit a Friend's Kingdom

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-merlin Visit a Friend's Kingdom Instant M-xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-merlin That was delightful! And, as I said, inspiring!
C-merlin Remember: We can gather inspiration -- and Magic! -- by returning to the Kingdoms of our friends!
C-merlin Using our imagination is the key to inspired learning! Mustn't let it get rusty.