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Try Not to Panic is where the Disney Magic Kingdoms story begins....

Character Dialogue
C-merlin Oh hang it all! This land has fallen victim to a villainous Curse! Those are the WORST kinds of curses, you know.
C-merlin This darkness will have to be lifted, and the entire Kingdom rebuilt.
C-merlin That's no small task -- in fact, it will take a hero of enormous proportions!
C-mickey Gosh, who turned out the lights?!
C-mickey And hey -- where IS everybody?!
C-mickey I better take a look around and see what's going on...

Try Not to Panic

Character Requirements Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Mickey to search for answers.
"Search for Answers"
9s M-xp3, M-magic20 T-goofy-2
Character Dialogue
C-merlin Hmm, the Kingdom is empty, things are missing, and all is covered in darkness... As I thought, we've got ourselves a CURSE!
C-merlin Now, what's this? Some sort of strange Token has appeared suddenly.
C-merlin I'd best research the Token's purpose further. Off with you now.

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