Character Dialogue
C-randall boggs Hey, Wazowski. What's this? You open up a new club and don't offer me a gig?
C-mike wazowski And this is shocking to you why?
C-randall boggs C'mon, just give me a shot? Here's one for ya.
C-randall boggs What happens when you let a box of rats loose on the Laugh Floor?

Time for Payback

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mike wazowski
Level 1
Get Mike to chase Randall out of town.
"Chase Randall"
8h M-xp15, M-magic100
C-randall boggs
Character Dialogue
C-mike wazowski And STAY OUT!
C-mike wazowski Ooh, I wish I had a door to slam right now.
C-mike wazowski That creep is really startin' to get on my nerves!