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    So 13 times within the past twelve hours (and yes, I've counted), I hit 100% happiness. And every single time, it snapped right back to 99%. No matter how many times I add more happiness (often within seconds because I had multiple happiness-generating things going on at once), it keeps snapping back. It will actually show 100% for about a second, and then it snaps right back to 99%.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there something else that I'm supposed to have in place before I reach 100%?

    Kingdom Experts, I'm counting on you. What am I missing?

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    • The game makes it 99% because there is always room for more happiness.

      That is my take of the answer given in the FAQ in the game.

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    • Ah. I hate to say it, but that makes perfect sense. The game designers are looking at it from a purely mathematical perspective. Well, that makes sense, but it sure is frustrating.

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