• I started playing back in December ish right around the time the Frozen event started and have only seen two times where legendary chests have been offered to obtain missed characters (currently frozen, prior I saw the incredibles). Are these rare chests the only way to obtain missed event characters¬†? I started the game incredibly late compared to some and can't afford the prices of gems and it breaks my heart that i might never be able to collect all the characters.

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    • Unfortunately, at this point, all event characters are apart of Legendary Enchanted Chests.

      However, I honestly think they deserve to be in side quests or regular chests.

      Side quests unlockability would be:

      - Incredibles just before battling Pete

      - NBC before Zurg

      - Frozen after unlocked "it's a small world"

      - BATB before Mother Gothel

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    • Are the rewards from Legendary chests randomised, or is there a greater chance of getting a certain reward.

      I brought 4 chests in the most recent Frozen offerings. Needed Hans and Sven. Got Sven first up, then got 3 of those Olaf summer decorations.

      Pretty dissappointed.

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    • It's randomized, but characters and attractions are usually harder to obtain.

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    • in chests I think there should be

      1. Character reward

      2. Attraction or concession

      3. Decoration

      no happiness or magic, 

      I really wan tto get more event characters

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