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Are events reoccurring?

  • If I dont get all the characters on the Be Our Guest event, will I be able to welcome them in the future? If so, how will that work? Will the quests start over or will I be able to start where I left off when the event ended?

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    • Yes, you can welcome them, but in a few months later. By enchanted chests, 60 gems each (including characters, customs, attractions decorations and concessions).  The event will not occurring again, just some enchanted chests. The things you gathered will not disappear.

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    • i know that for sure and i that's how i got the remaining incredibles by chest

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    • Can you explain how I can get characters from chests? If we look at the lists of the rewards for the four kinds of chests, there are no characters.

      Is there any another way to get characters using these chests or others?

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    • Characters come from Legendary Chests only. They can only be purchased during Promotional periods for M-gem60.

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    • Many people are unable to participate in the events because of school, college, or work. Maybe, after a few months after the event is over, the events that have occured can be open forever so that the people who missed out on the events can get their beloved characters. Plus, be able to get more gems, so that everyone can get more attactions and all the characters that costed gems. 

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    • A Fandom user
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