• What characters and attractions do you guys want to see in the future?

    I would like to see:

    Toontown: (characters): Oswald the lucky rabbit, roger rabbit, jessica rabbit, chip, dale; (attractions): Oswald's gas station, roger rabbit car toon spin, gag factory, chip n dale tree house, gadgets go-coaster

    Tomorrowland: (characters): stitch, lilo, Wreck-it ralph, vanellope, fix-it felix, sergeant calhoun, quorra, sam flynn (attractions): stitch ride, arcade, tron bikes

    Fantasyland: (characters): ariel, ursula, mulan, snow white, evil queen, alice, queen of hearts, tiana; (attractions): Ariel ride, Snow whites scary adventure, seven dwarves, dumbo, casy jr

    Adventureland: (characters): simba, nala, scar, timone, pumbaa, mowgli, baghera, baloo, shere kahn, king louie, moana, maui (attractions) jungle cruise, pride rock, tiki room, tropical goods

    Frontierland: (characters): pocahontus, john smith, Governor Ratcliffe, bullseye, stinky pete, lone ranger, tonto, three caballeros?, brer rabbit, brer fox, brer bear; (attractions): Big thunder, pocahontus village, davy crocket canoes, woodys roundup, three caballeros grill, grizzly mountain


    Frozen (winter holiday/christmas): (characters), Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Christoff, Sven, Hans: (attractions): Matterhorn, frozen fun, etc.

    Zootopia (spring holiday/easter-ish?): judy hopps, nick wilde, mr. big, chief bogo, clawhauser, Bellwether; (attractions) ???

    Cars: (characters) cars characters, (attractions) carsland rides

    What do you guys want to see???

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    • and what do you guys think the next event will be?

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    • Waterpaper wrote:
      and what do you guys think the next event will be?

      Frozen, for Christmas?

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    • deffo FROZEN for christmas!

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    • Most of the Attractions I have listed are made up; only Turtle Talk with Crush and the first 3 Cars ones are real. For characters that are too big for one Collection, I put a semicolon to separate collections.

      Inside Out:

      Characters: Joy, Sadness, Bing Bong; Anger, Fear, Disgust

      Attractions: Train of Thought, Headquarters

      Finding Nemo:

      Characters: Nemo, Dory, Marlin; Crush, Squirt, Hank

      Attractions: Turtle Talk with Crush, Mr. Ray's Discovery Lab, East Australian Current Roller Coaster, Marine Life Institute Aquarium

      The Good Dinosaur:

      Characters: Arlo, Spot

      Attractions: Stormy River Ride


      Characters: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Belleweather, Gazelle

      Attractions: ZPD Training Course, Subway Coaster

      Boss Battle: Defeat Belleweather


      Characters: Maui, Moana

      Attractions: Ocean Surfin'

      Wreck-It Ralph:

      Characters: Ralph, Vanellope, Fix-It Felix, King Candy

      Attractions: Sugar Rush Go-Karts , Arcade

      Boss Battle: Defeat King Candy

      Costumes: Hero's Duty Ralph, Princess Vanellope


      Characters: Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, Chick Hicks

      Attractions: Radiator Springs Racer, Luigi's Flying Tires, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Flo's V8 Café

      Boss Battle: Defeat Chick Hicks

      Costumes: World Grand Prix Lightning McQueen, Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen

      Toy Story:

      Characters: Bullseye, Stinky Pete, Lotso, Slinky

      Attractions: Woody's Roundup Theatre, Buzz's Flight, Sunnyside Daycare

      Boss Battles: Defeat Stinky Pete, Defeat Lotso

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    • Here is what id like to see

      Christmas event (Frozen)

      Characters: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf

      Attractions: Oken's trading post, Elsa's castle


      Characters: Nick, Judy, Bogo, Clawhauser, Jerry Jumbeaux, Lionheart etc...

      Attractions: Jumbeax Cafe, Police academy etc..

      There should be new land called the Animal Kingdom


      Characters: Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa etc..


      Characters: Lotso and Slinky (instead of Bo Peep and Sarge?)

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    • Great ideas!! All of these things sound super cool

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    • For this list, I'm not going to mention any of the "datamined" lists, which include Cars, Aladdin, Lion King, rest of Cinderella, Tangled, POTC, etc.

      Peter Pan:

      Characters: Peter Pan, Captain Hook, maybe the three siblings/lost boys? (one needs to be a gem character)

      Attractions: Hangman's Tree, Captain Hook's Flying Ship

      Boss: Defeat Captain Hook


      Characters: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven (Gems), Hans

      Attractions: Elsa's Ice Palace, Skating Rink, Rocking Trolls

      Boss: Defeat Hans


      Characters:  Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Mayor Lionhart, Clawhauser (Gems), Chief Bogo, Bellwether

      Attractions: ZPD Training Course, Gazelle's Concert, Carrot Farm

      Boss: Defeat Bellwether

      Inside Out:

      Characters:  Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Big Bong

      Attractions: Headquarters. Dream Productions, Imagination Land (or some of its parts split up, such as the Cards one and Fries one), Big Bong's Rocket

      Wreck-It Ralph:

      Characters:  Ralph, Venellope, Fix-It Felix, Calhoun, King Candy

      Attractions: Sugar Rush, Wrecking Building, Arcade Center

      Boss: Defeat King Candy

      I also made a spreadsheet with my ideas incorporated with what we have so far. Feel free to comment your inputs. (:

      BOLD indicate Gem characters while a Red Background indicate a Boss Battle.

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    • Fantasy land needs work. I would like to see the dark rides of disneyland added to that area. Including mr toads wild ride. I feel like this game is only going to include the market tested popular characters and old disney fans like me wont ever get to see the older characters that my generation grew up with. Im an 80s kid.

      I am very excited for aladdin to be added to the game.

      My biggest wish characters would be Dumbo Pinocchio Uncle scrooge Huey dewey and louie Oswald Rabbit The 7 dwarfs The big bad wolf And chip and dale

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    • Nice Job!!

      I didn't type it up there but I would also love to see Darkwing Duck. But that will never happen...

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    • i see disney channel/xd/junior shows

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    • The Princess and the Frog:

      Characters: Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis, Mama Odie (Gems), and Dr. Facilier

      Attractions: Tiana's Palace, Mama Odie's Tree (Gems)

      Boss: Defeat Dr. Facilier

      Tokens: With the exception of their Ears token,everyone should have the Voodoo Charm (The charm which makes the wearer look like Naveen). Tiana should have either her crown seen at the beginning or ending of the movie. Naveen should have a Frog token, because, he was a frog for the majority of the movie (as well as Tiana). Louis, the trumpet playing gator, should have his Trumpet. Mama Odie should either have her turban (most likely). And Dr. Facilier should have his top hap.


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    • That sounds awesome, I loved The Princess and the Frog. For more attractions they could have Dr. Facilier's Emporium. Also they could probably do some resaurant from New Orleans Square, since the movie takes place in New Orleans. Honestly I really want to see more of the park attrations. I didn't like how there wasn't the Pirates ride. Many of the park rides can fit with movie characters. Nightmare Before Christmas=Haunted House, Frog=New Orleans Square, Frozen=Matterhorn, Cars=Autopia, Pirates=Pirates (obviosly), Jungle Book=Jungle Cruise, etc...

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    • Miles from Tomorrowland:

      Characters: Miles, Loretta, Merc (Gems), Captain Pheobe, Leo, Gadfly, Haruna, Mirandos, Blogger

      Attractions: Blastboard Park

      Boss: Defeat Gadfly

      Dan-Swampy's Universe:

      Characters: Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Jeremy, Stacy, Jenny, Isabella, Perry/Agent P (Gems), Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Vanessa, Milo, Melissa, Zack, Diogee (Gems)

      Attractions: Coolest Coaster Ever

      Boss: Defeat Dr. Doofenshmirtz

      The Lion King/Guard:

      Characters: Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kion, Fuli, Bunga, Beshte, Ono, Timon and Pimbaa, Rafiki, Zazu, Scar, Zira, Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Tano, Nne, Makuu, Reirei and Goigoi, Makucha, Mapigano, Mzingo, Mwoga, Ushari

      Attractions: Pride Rocks, Hakuna Matata Falls and Big Springs

      Boss: Defeat Scar & Zira

      Peter Pan/(Captain)Jake and the Neverland Pirates:

      Characters: (Captain)Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Marina, Stormy, Queen Coralie, Misty, Pirate Princess, Misty, Winger, Captain Flynn, Pip, Pirate Mummy, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones, Captain Frost, Red Jessica, Dr. Undergear, Shiverjack

      Attractions: Pirate Hideout

      Boss: Defeat Captain Hook, Shilverjack and Dr. Undergear

      Craig Gerber's Universe:

      Characters: Sofia, Clover, Mia, Robin, Whatnaught, Crackle, Amber, Lucinda, Lani, Minimus, Hildagard, Vivian, James, Clio, Jade, Ruby, Oona, Elena, Isabel, Migs, Luna, Skylar, Naomi, Mateo, Gabe, Cedric, Wormwood, Miss Nettle

      Attractions: Royal Preparatory Academy

      Boss: Defeat Miss Nettle

      Gravity Falls:

      Characters: Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Stan, Wendy, Gideon, Bill Cipber

      Attractions: Mystery Shack

      Boss: Defeat Bill Cipber

      Doc Mcstuffins:

      Characters: Doc, Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie, Chilly, Squeakers (Gems), Wicked King

      Attractions: Toy Hospital

      Boss: Defeat Wicked King

      Star Vs. The Forces of Evil:

      Characters: Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Pony Head, Ludo

      Attractions: Mewni Park, The Bounce Lounge

      Boss: Defeat Ludo

      Goldie & Bear:

      Characters: Goldie, Bear, Red, Humpty, Jack, Three Little Pigs, Aloysius the Big bad wolf, Frog (Gems)

      Attractions: Bear House

      Boss: Aloysius the Big bad wolf

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    • Yes! I love the idea of putting the tv shows in.

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    • sure! Ov<

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    • Waterpaper's Right!

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    • Enough  with the eventsite move on to adventure  land please

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    • Tondeknoi wrote:
      i see disney channel/xd/junior shows

      I agree 100%. If we think about it, the British Disney Stores are balanced 50-50 between Disney Junior/Disney films, so I think there could be potential for Disney Junior/XD to be involved.

      I would also include Doc McStuffins as an add-on (rubies/quests).

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    • EnglishDisneyFan wrote:
      Tondeknoi wrote:
      i see disney channel/xd/junior shows
      I agree 100%. If we think about it, the British Disney Stores are balanced 50-50 between Disney Junior/Disney films, so I think there could be potential for Disney Junior/XD to be involved.

      I would also include Doc McStuffins as an add-on (rubies/quests).

      EnglishDisneyFan's right!

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    • I would love to see Fantasmic in the game somehow!

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    • A FANDOM user
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