Character Dialogue
C-daisy duck Business at the Diner has been so slow. I've got to figure out a way to get some customers first.
C-daisy duck Well, there's nothing like a little trip to the sky to give you a new perspective on things!

The Workaholic, Pt. 1

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-daisy duck
Level ?
Send Daisy to brainstorm while on the Fun Wheel. *
"Relaxing Ride"
6h M-xp8, M-magic50

* Requires Mickey's Fun Wheel

Character Dialogue
C-daisy duck Oh goody goody! I've got a great new idea! And this one's going to knock everybody's socks off!
C-daisy duck Stay tuned for more details, folks!
C-goofy Daisy, is it true? Are you really holding a pie-eating contest at the Diner?! That's one contest I can definitely win!
C-daisy duck That's right, Goofy. I am having a pie-eating contest.
C-daisy duck What better way to advertise the Kingdom's best pie than by rewarding someone for eating bunches of it?
C-goofy Just head on inside to enter.

The Workaholic, Pt. 2

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-daisy duck
Level ?
Send Daisy to talk up the contest at her diner. *
"Talk Up Diner"
2h M-xp10, M-magic75

* Requires Daisy's Diner

Character Dialogue
C-daisy duck Look at this place -- it's packed! I guess my pie-eating contest idea was as genius as I thought.
C-daisy duck Ooh, I better start whipping up some more pies before I run out!
C-daisy duck Hooray! The pie-eating contest was a hit! And surprise-surprise, Goofy won!
C-daisy duck With all of its success, the Diner's starting to attract some very classy clientele.
C-daisy duck I think I'll do a little refresh on that landscaping just to give it that extra bit of pizazz!

The Workaholic, Pt. 3

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-daisy duck
Level 4
Send Daisy to do some landscaping.
"Spread Flowers"
8h M-xp15, M-magic100
Character Dialogue
C-daisy duck Fabulous! Now the Diner looks spectacular, outside and in.
C-daisy duck *sniff* Is that smoke? I better get back inside! Goofy! You better not be in my kitchen.
C-mickey mouse Wow Daisy, the Diner sure is a success! You really turned things around. Congratulations!
C-daisy duck Thank you, Mickey! All it took was a little hard work.
C-daisy duck And, of course, all of my ingenious ideas!

The Workaholic, Pt. 4

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-daisy duck
Level ?
Send Daisy to revel in her success.
"Strut Your Stuff"
4h M-xp20, M-magic125
Character Dialogue
C-daisy duck What Mickey doesn't know is... this is only the beginning.
C-daisy duck The Daisy Duck success story is just getting started!