Character Dialogue
C-dash Syndrome's back?! But... how?!
C-elastigirl That's not important right now, Dash. What IS important is that we find him before he does any more damage.
C-dash Okay, Mom. I say we split up and cover as much ground as we can!

The Search for Syndrome

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Dash to search around the Kingdom.
"Search for Syndrome"
4h Update-2-m-currency25
Level 3
Send Elastigirl to search for Syndrome downtown.
"Search for Syndrome "
Character Dialogue
C-syndrome Well, well, well! If it isn't my favorite super-brat... Cheat your way through any marathons recently?
C-dash Syndrome! You're not gonna get away with this!
C-syndrome That's where you're wrong! And when the public sees me take down the robots single-handed, there'll be a NEW hero in town!
C-syndrome And since no story's complete without a grand finale... say hello to the OMNIDROID 11,000!
C-dash Oh no... This isn't good... MOM!