Character Dialogue
C-fauna Oh my, Flora is consumed by a need to protect the Kingdom. Doesn't she see it's stringer than ever?
C-fauna Well, she can spell all she likes; I'm going to catch some winks!

The Natural, Pt. 1

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Fauna to nap the day away at the Fairy Hut.
"Occupy Fairy Hut"
2h M-xp25, M-magic150

* Requires Fairy Hut

Character Dialogue
C-fauna Nothing puts a fairy in a better mood than a delightful nap!
C-fauna I'm well-rested and ready to make my rounds!
C-fauna The greenery in the Kingdom has shown improvement -- I'm not the only one who respects our botanical friends.
C-fauna But with a little extra magic, the Kingdom will be in constant springtime!

The Natural, Pt. 2

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Fauna to give the Kingdom's gardens a boost.
"Spreading Green Cheer"
8h M-xp40, M-magic225
Character Dialogue
C-fauna All right, "constant springtime" was an exaggeration. But doesn't everything look beautiful with a touch of green?
C-fauna Green is the most spring-ful of colors.
C-aurora Fauna, I've been trying to help the citizens within the Kingdom, but I could use your help.
C-fauna Of course, child! How can I assist you?
C-aurora Help me dream up some ideas to make everyone feel safer, please.

The Natural, Pt. 3

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Fauna and Aurora to dream up ideas at home. *
"Safe at Home"
24h M-xp55, M-magic300
Level ?

* Requires Fairy Hut

Character Dialogue
C-fauna So you see, we just need to bring some happier magical energy to the Kingdom!
C-aurora That is and excellent idea Fauna; we simply must ask Flora for help!
C-fauna Lovely, now I just need to find Flora.
C-fauna Flora! I have a wonderful idea to help out the Kingdom!

The Natural, Pt. 4

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 8
Send Fauna and Flora to spread happy dreams.
"Spread Good Dreams"
12h M-xp70, M-magic375
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-fauna That was brilliant, Flora; now the citizens of the Kingdom seem a bit more relaxed.
C-flora Now if only we could get rid of this Curse completely!
C-fauna It feels lovely to help others.
C-fauna I've met many a guest who wished to know more about our Kingdom's plants.
C-fauna I, Fauna, can teach them what they wish to know!

The Natural, Pt. 5

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 10
Send Fauna to talk about plants at Fairytale Hall. *
"Grant Blessings of Music"
12h M-xp85, M-magic450

* Requires Princess Fairytale Hall

Character Dialogue
C-fauna It's such a joy to surround oneself with those who respect nature.
C-fauna I could go on endlessly!