The Claws! is a mini event where fearsome Claw Bots have taken over! Tap to clear them and keep the Kingdom a magical place!


The Claws! #2

The Claws! #2 started on 14th November 2016 and ended on 20th November 2016, lasting 6 days.

  • Claw Bots are spawned in groups of 8 every 2 hours. A total of 576 this event.
  • M-gem10 Gems was also awarded with the fourth Milestone prize.

Milestone Rewards
1 M-claw bot15 M-magic1,000
2 M-claw bot75 M-magic2,000
3 M-claw bot125 M-magic3,000
4 M-claw bot200 Dash, M-gem10

Rank Rewards
1-5 M-gem25
6-30 M-gem5
31-150 M-magic3,000
151-300 M-magic2,500
301-500 M-magic2,000
501-750 M-magic1,500
751-1,250 M-magic1,000

The Claws!

The Claws! started on 9th September 2016 and ended on 14th September 2016, lasting 5 days.

  • Claw Bots are spawned in groups of 8 every 2 hours. A total of 480 this event.

Milestone Rewards
1 M-claw bot5 M-wish5, M-magic1,000
2 M-claw bot50 M-wish10, M-magic2,000
3 M-claw bot120 M-wish15, M-gem2, M-magic3,000
4 M-claw bot240 M-wish20, M-gem5, M-magic5,000

Rank Rewards
1-5 M-gem30
6-10 M-gem15
11-25 M-magic3,000
26-100 M-magic2,500
101-500 M-magic2,000
501-1,000 M-magic1,500
1,001-1,500 M-magic1,000
1,501-2,000 M-magic500

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