Me-storm clouds-1
Storm Clouds

Tap away the clouds to win prizes!

Storm Clouds is a mini event where stormy snow clouds are freezing your Kingdom! Tap them to keep your Kingdom bright and sunny!


Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds started on 10th August 2017 and ended on 15th August 2017, lasting 5 days.

  • Storm Clouds are spawned in groups of 8 every 2 hours. A total of 480 this event.

Milestone Rewards
1 M-storm cloud5 M-wish5, M-magic500
2 M-storm cloud45 Bronze Enchanted Chest
3 M-storm cloud90 Silver Enchanted Chest
4 M-storm cloud160 Gold Enchanted Chest

Rank Rewards
1-5 M-gem25, M-magic5,000
6-25 M-gem10, M-magic4,000
26-100 M-gem5, M-magic3,500
101-500 M-magic3,500
501-1,500 M-magic2,500
1,501-2,500 M-magic1,000

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