Me-storm clouds-1
Storm Clouds

Tap away the clouds to win prizes!

Storm Clouds is a mini event where stormy snow clouds are freezing your Kingdom! Tap them to keep your Kingdom bright and sunny!


Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds #2 started on 8th December 2017 and ended on 11th December 2017, lasting 3 days. This mini event is part of the Snow White Event 2017, with Event Currency (Update-16-m-currency) as prizes.

  • Storm Clouds are spawned in groups of 8 every 2 hours. A total of 288 this event.

Rank Rewards
1-5 Magical Enchanted Chest x2, T-swatsd3, Update-16-m-currency850
6-50 Magical Enchanted Chest, T-swatsd2, Update-16-m-currency700
51-150 Magical Enchanted Chest, T-swatsd1, Update-16-m-currency550
251-350 Magical Enchanted Chest, Update-16-m-currency400
351-600 Magical Enchanted Chest, Update-16-m-currency250
601-1,000 Magical Enchanted Chest, Update-16-m-currency200

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds started on 10th August 2017 and ended on 15th August 2017, lasting 5 days.

  • Storm Clouds are spawned in groups of 8 every 2 hours. A total of 480 this event.

Milestone Rewards
1 M-storm cloud5 M-wish5, M-magic500
2 M-storm cloud45 Bronze Enchanted Chest
3 M-storm cloud90 Silver Enchanted Chest
4 M-storm cloud160 Gold Enchanted Chest

Rank Rewards
1-5 M-gem25, M-magic5,000
6-25 M-gem10, M-magic4,000
26-100 M-gem5, M-magic3,500
101-500 M-magic3,500
501-1,500 M-magic2,500
1,501-2,500 M-magic1,000