Character Dialogue
C-zurg I refuse to accept this! Where is it?! WHERE IS IT?!?
C-buzz lightyear ZURG! I hear you've been looking for me.
C-zurg Out of my way, Lightyear. I'm in the middle of a very important search...
C-buzz lightyear If it's not me he's after, Zurg must have misplaced one of the little plastic balls he fires out of his ion blaster.

Security Issues

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Zurg to get the lay of the land.
"Get the Lay of the Land"
60m M-xp25, M-magic150
Character Dialogue
C-buzz lightyear I have what you've been looking for, Zurg.
C-zurg You found it?! You found my blankie?!
C-buzz lightyear Er, eh -- your what?!
C-zurg No! Why did you get my hopes up?! Grandma Zurg will not be pleased when she finds out I've lost it. She knitted it herself!
C-zurg I hate disappointing Grandma Zurg. She calls me her little Zurgy-wurgy.


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