Character Dialogue
C-oogie boogie You know, the rumors of my malevolence are GREATLY exaggerated... I can scare folks Jack's way, too!
C-oogie boogie Sure, it's a STUPID way... but there ain't no accountin' for taste, is there?
C-oogie boogie You just watch: I'll spook everyone here right out of their PANTS, and I won't even hurt NOBODY!

Scarier Than Thou

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-oogie boogie
Level 1
Send Oogie out to scare people "Jack's way."
"Imitation Scaring"
6m M-xp5, Update-5-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-oogie boogie See? Nothin' to it! 'N fact, where non-lethal spookery's concerned, I think that just about put Jack to SHAME!
C-oogie boogie ... What do you MEAN you "saw a poisonous death-bug crawlin' out from underneath" my sack!?
C-oogie boogie I MAINTAIN that that was an ACCIDENT. OR a trick o' the light. Take your pick!
C-oogie boogie Coulda been swamp gas, too! You never CAN tell with swamp gas!