Character Dialogue
C-dash Vi! Hey, Violet!!! You remember that whole rolling force-field thing we did back on the island?
C-violet Sure, I remember... mostly that I was terrified and kind of dizzy the whole time. What about it?
C-dash Well, I was thinking, we should make it one of our signature moves. But we've gotta practice it some more first.

Roll Around the Block

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Send Dash and Violet to practice their Super moves.
"Practice Defense"
2h Update-2-m-currency25
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-dash So, what do you think? On a scale of one to awesome, how awesome was that?!
C-violet Well... you're really bad at steering and I got sort of seasick, so... one-point-five?
C-dash I'll take it!
C-dash I can't wait 'til we're up against a supervillain whose weakness is giant see-through bowling balls.


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