Character Dialogue
C-flora It's far too dangerous for you to seek out Maleficent, Aurora! You have to stay in the cottage.
C-aurora Stay in the cottage? Then how will I help you find Prince Phillip?
C-flora You won't! It's fairy work!

Prince in Peril

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Occupy Fairy Hut. *
"Occupy Fairy Hut"
12h M-xp24, M-magic150
Level 4
Cast a counter-curse spell.
"Cast a Counter Spell"
Level 5
Level 3
Seek out Maleficent. **
"Seek out Maleficent"

* Requires Fairy Hut
** Requires Fantasy Faire

Character Dialogue
C-flora Oh, Aurora. Why do you insist on ignoring my pleas?
C-aurora I could not sit idly by while my love is in danger!
C-flora True... You could have read a book!
C-fauna The young are so impetuous! Of course, they're also so inspiring!


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