Character Dialogue
C-elastigirl Come on; focus, Helen... It's not like ALL your contacts dried up when you went underground.
C-elastigirl Snug's a whiz with military tech, and Rick could help me trace the paper trail...
C-elastigirl Between the three of us, we should be able to track the robots to their source.
C-elastigirl I just need to head downtown and call in a couple of favors. I'll let you know if anything turns up.

Pounding the Pavement

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Elastigirl to search for clues downtown.
"Follow the Paper Trail"
2h Update-2-m-currency25
Character Dialogue
C-elastigirl Well, THIS is interesting...
C-elastigirl It turns out the robots were assembled by some kind of underground tech lab, right here in the city.
C-elastigirl It could be a start-up trying to stay under the radar... but something seems off. Time to investigate.