Character Dialogue
C-bo peep Well, it sure has been exciting around here lately, hasn't it Hamm?
C-hamm Yeah, a little TOO exciting for me. I prefer my danger on the TV screen. That way I can close my eyes for the scary parts.
C-bo peep Hush; a little adrenaline never hurt anyone. And you love it when Andy plays train robbery and you get to be the villain.
C-hamm Yeah, I suppose you're right. And I do like using my evil laugh after I fall off a cliff but still triumph in the end.


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-bo peep
Level ?
Ask Bo Peep to perform a musical solo.
"Gather Kids with a Sing-Along"
2h M-xp8, M-magic50
Level ?
Ask Jessie to start a dance party.
" "
Level ?
Send Hamm to look for lost change.
" "
Character Dialogue
C-hamm Those were some nice moves, Jessie. I almost wish I could dance like that.
C-jessie Aw, come on, Hamm. I bet you could kick up your feet and cut a rug if ya wanted to.
C-hamm Nah. My ceramic's not as flexible as it used to be.
C-bo peep Well, I may not be flexible like a cloth doll, but I can do a mean twirl.


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