Character Dialogue
C-judy hopps The Z.P.D.'s been reorganizing or old case files for the past couple months -- part of preparing to go digital, I think.
C-judy hopps Kangarovna down in Records is on maternity leave, though... which means the rest of us are taking it in shifts.
C-judy hopps (Come to think of it... wouldn't it be pretty easy for her to just take little Joey to work with her... ?)
C-judy hopps Anyway, it's my turn to chip in today -- so I'll probably be ears-deep in paperwork for a bit. Sorry about that!

Paper Trail

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-judy hopps
Level 1
Send Judy to reorganize some case files.
"Follow the Paper Trail"
3h M-xp25, M-magic150
Character Dialogue
C-judy hopps Wait... This isn't a case file. Are these... song lyrics?
C-judy hopps "Horning In on Your Heart: A Celebration in Verse."
C-judy hopps And there's a note... "Dear Gazelle: I've been working on these for some time, and hope they inspire you. Sincerely, Bo--"
C-judy hopps ... Ooooookay. Never telling anyone about THIS for the rest of my life!
C-judy hopps That second verse is actually REALLY catchy, though...