Character Dialogue
C-elsa-frozen ... Does that make sense? I just thought that if I could solve all of this quickly, you wouldn't have to worry.
C-anna-frozen I understand, Elsa... but you have to go back to the castle, and show everyone that this isn't your fault!
C-elsa-frozen I'm not sure, Anna. Shouldn't we try to stop the storm, first? I know it's dangerous, but the cold won't slow me down...
C-anna-frozen No, it's not that! It's... well... Let me explain...

Open Communication

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Anna and Elsa to talk things out.
"Talk Things Out"
2h M-xp5, Update-7-m-currency50
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-anna-frozen ... So you have to tell everyone that you didn't make this storm. Hans is blaming you--
C-elsa-frozen Wait. HANS is here? He's back?
C-anna-frozen Oh! Yes! He's back! I should've led with that. ... He's still the WORST, by the way.
C-elsa-frozen That changes things. If he's trying to take over this Kingdom, everyone here could get... We need to stop him -- together.
C-anna-frozen Yes! THAT'S the sister I know!