Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel Mother?! Maximus, I think I just saw Mother hiding in that scrub back there! I don't want her to find me. Would you go see?
C-maximus Neigh!
C-rapunzel Really? You'd do that for me? Thank you! I'll feel much safer knowing you're on the lookout.

On Alert

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Send Maximus to patrol the Kingdom.
"Patrol the Kingdom"
4h M-xp25, M-magic150
Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel You don't seem worried, Maximus. I guess that must mean you didn't find Mother.
C-maximus Neigh!
C-rapunzel Well, thank you for looking. You're a good friend. And for my good friend, I just happen to have a carrot!
C-maximus Whinny!