Character Dialogue
C-beast-batb Preparing a ball makes a lot of noise... and there are servants coming in and out of the castle all the time...
C-beast-batb It's supposed to be a surprise! If I can just get Belle to stay away from the castle for a little while, then...
C-beast-batb ... I hope she's at home.

No Surprises Here!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Beast to Belle's House to deflect suspicion. *
"Deflect Suspicion"
60m M-xp5, Update-9-m-currency50

* Requires Belle's House

Character Dialogue
C-beast-batb Belle! You... you ARE home! Is everything all right...?
C-belle-batb Oh! Of course it is! I've just been visiting with my father for a while -- I'll be back soon!
C-belle-batb ... Why? Is there something I should know about?
C-beast-batb Oh! Um... NOTHING! Everything is... uh... EXCUSE ME! I HAVE TO GO!
C-beast-batb ... Do you think she suspected anything?