Character Dialogue
C-mr. incredible Helen just filled me in about Syndrome and the robots.
C-mr. incredible I better make sure everyone in the city feels safe. Nothing makes a bad situation worse than mass hysteria.
C-mr. incredible Good thing I've got the whole "reassuring presence" thing down pat. This'll be a cinch!

Never Fear, a Hero Is Here

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mr. incredible
Level 1
Send Mr. Incredible to make the guests feel safe.
"Nothing to Fear"
2h Update-2-m-currency25
Character Dialogue
C-mr. incredible Oh, yeah! I tell ya, there's nothing like a couple public displays of strength to make a populace feel secure...
C-mrs. incredible Honey? What exactly are you doing?
C-mr. incredible I... um, nothing. I was just... um... you know, reassuring the... citizenry...
C-mrs. incredible Well it's a good instinct, if not all that articulate. But maybe we should focus on the huge killer robot attacking the city...
C-mr. incredible Right. That's one of the things I love about you, dear. You know how to keep a guy on task!