Character Dialogue
C-prince phillip A great Kingdom like ours will always be at the risk of attack...
C-prince phillip ...but the role of a prince is to keep our citizens and friends calm.

My Prince, My Hero, Pt. 1

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-prince phillip
Level 4
Send Phillip to talk to citizens at the Fantasy Faire. *
"Talk to Citizens"
6h M-xp25, M-magic150

* Requires Fantasy Faire

Character Dialogue
C-prince phillip Our citizens are truly concerned about the recent odd occurrences.
C-prince phillip But they show great fortitude in the face of adversity!
C-prince phillip This Kingdom will gain back its old strength thanks to our brave citizens.
C-prince phillip There's nothing worse than a member of the royal family who is out of touch with his fellow citizens.
C-prince phillip If the Kingdom has concerns, it is my duty to hear them out!

My Prince, My Hero, Pt. 2

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-prince phillip
Level 4
Send Phillip to hold a meeting at Princess Fairytale Hall. *
"Hold a Meeting to Talk"
12h M-xp40, M-magic225

* Requires Princess Fairytale Hall

Character Dialogue
C-prince phillip I thought that meeting would inspire ideas on how to further protect the Kingdom.
C-prince phillip But it seems people just came for the refreshments.
C-prince phillip Granted, they were quite refreshing.
C-prince phillip I can't say I blame them.
C-prince phillip Perhaps the citizens are more confident than I thought.
C-prince phillip Still, the sight of a prince and his beauty strolling though the Kingdom is sure to ease any lingering fears.

My Prince, My Hero, Pt. 3

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-prince phillip
Level 6
Send Phillip to raise Kingdom morale with Aurora.
"Raise Morale in the Kingdom"
8h M-xp55, M-magic300
Level 8
Character Dialogue
C-aurora What a lovely stroll!
C-prince phillip Indeed! And the morale of the Kingdom seems high.
C-aurora The citizens know if we all work together, we can achieve greatness.
C-prince phillip Spoken like a true princess!
C-prince phillip Of course, diplomacy and courtliness are important traits in a prince.
C-prince phillip But he should also be able to fight! I had best keep my skills as sharp as my blade!

My Prince, My Hero, Pt. 4

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-prince phillip
Level 10
Send Phillip to practice his swordmanship.
"Practice Fighting Skills"
24h M-xp70, M-magic375
Character Dialogue
C-aurora Very impressive, my dear!
C-prince phillip Some time I will demonstrate how to throw a sword.
C-aurora THROW a sword?
C-prince phillip You would be surprised how often that skill comes in useful.