Merlin's Shop was released with the Easter, Earth Day Update on 12th April 2017. It is unlocked during the Spring Cleaning quest when Merlin is Level 2.


Exchange your Elixirs (M-elixir) for exclusive goodies, including special items that may not be accessible from the main Shop!

Merlin's Shop Items

Token Elixirs
T-toy story Luxo Ball Token M-elixir100
T-buzz lightyear-2 Astro Blasters Blaster Token M-elixir200
T-buzz lightyear-3 Buzz Ears Token M-elixir350
T-eve-3 EVE Ears Token M-elixir350
T-toy alien-2 Claw Token M-elixir350
T-toy alien-3 Toy Alien Ears Token M-elixir350
T-zurg-3 Zurg Ears Token M-elixir800
T-chief bogo-2 Chief's Badge Token M-elixir800
T-chief bogo-3 Chief Bogo Ears Token M-elixir800
T-donald duck-3 Donald Ears Token M-elixir1,500
T-mother gothel-3 Mother Gothel Ears Token M-elixir1,500
T-f-green dot Green Dot Fabric Token M-elixir600
T-f-orange pattern Orange Pattern Fabric Token M-elixir1,000
T-f-white blue pattern White & Blue Pattern Fabric Token M-elixir1,000

Kingdom Elixirs
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin M-elixir7,500
The Magic Lamp Theater M-elixir7,500
The Omnidroid City M-elixir10,000
Jumpin' Jellyfish M-elixir15,000
Golden Zephyr M-elixir15,000

Chest Elixirs
Bronze Chest M-elixir500
Silver Chest M-elixir1,500
Gold Chest M-elixir5,000
Platinum Chest M-elixir7,500


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