Merlin's Cauldron

Merlin's Cauldron was released with the Easter, Earth Day Update on 12th April 2017. It is unlocked during the Spring Cleaning quest when Merlin is Level 2.


  • Use Merlin's Cauldron to convert excess decorations and concessions into Elixirs! More items will grant you more Elixirs, and similarly, putting in rarer decorations will result in more Elixirs.
  • Elixirs can be used to purchase special content in Merlin's new shop.
  • Exchange your Elixirs for exclusive goodies, including special items that may not be accessible from the main Shop!

How to Use

Drag items into Merlin's Cauldron!

  • Drag and drop any of your Decorations and Concessions into Merlin's Cauldron. Tap on the cauldron to edit items before conjuring. Be warned: Items used in conjuring will be lost forever.

Combine with Magic to conjure Elixirs!

  • Use Magic to conjure Elixirs from items. The cost to conjure increases with each item, but offers a greater reward. Once you are ready, tap the "Conjure" icon to receive your Elixirs!

Spend Elixirs at Merlin's Shop!


Decoration Magic Elixirs
Blossom Bench M-magic500 M-elixir2
Classic Bench M-magic500 M-elixir2
Enchanting Bouquet M-magic500 M-elixir2
Intergalactic Space Bench M-magic500 M-elixir2
Lamp of the Future M-magic500 M-elixir2
Light in the Forest M-magic500 M-elixir2
Picnic Table M-magic500 M-elixir2
Rose Bush M-magic500 M-elixir2
Royal Bench M-magic500 M-elixir2
Storm Lantern M-magic500 M-elixir2
Streetlight M-magic500 M-elixir2
Topiary of the Future M-magic500 M-elixir2
Tropical Bonanza M-magic500 M-elixir2
Banner Lamppost M-magic250 M-elixir20
Evil Bench M-magic250 M-elixir20
Frozen Fountain M-magic250 M-elixir20
Fun Fire Hydrant M-magic250 M-elixir20
Hanging Lantern M-magic250 M-elixir20
Haunted Cauldron M-magic250 M-elixir20
Incredibles Bench M-magic250 M-elixir20
Jack-O-Lamp Post M-magic250 M-elixir20
Log Bench M-magic250 M-elixir20
Street Lantern M-magic250 M-elixir20
Wooden Bench M-magic250 M-elixir20
Wooden Heart Bench M-magic250 M-elixir20
Star Mapper M-magic280 M-elixir30
Traffic Lights M-magic280 M-elixir30
TRON Lamp M-magic280 M-elixir30
Fantasy Well M-magic290 M-elixir50
Festival Lantern M-magic290 M-elixir50
Flower Statue M-magic290 M-elixir50
Hand-Carved Bird Bath M-magic290 M-elixir50
Hare Shrub M-magic290 M-elixir50
Kukui Nut Torch M-magic290 M-elixir50
Panther Statue M-magic290 M-elixir50
Royal Elephant Throne M-magic290 M-elixir50
Snake-In-A-Basket M-magic290 M-elixir50
Snow White Bench M-magic290 M-elixir50
Teddy Bear Throne M-magic290 M-elixir50
Tiki Totem M-magic290 M-elixir50
Tiny Treehouse M-magic290 M-elixir50
Tropical Bonanza M-magic290 M-elixir50
Gargoyle Lamp M-magic320 M-elixir75
Ice Bench M-magic320 M-elixir75
Jack-O-Lamp Post M-magic320 M-elixir75
Mickey Ears Topiary M-magic320 M-elixir75
Mining Jewels Display M-magic320 M-elixir75
Olaf's Summer Fun M-magic320 M-elixir75
Pluto Topiary M-magic320 M-elixir75
Rose Tree M-magic320 M-elixir75
Storm Lantern M-magic320 M-elixir75
Treasure Map M-magic320 M-elixir75
Treble Clef Bush M-magic320 M-elixir75
15-Layer Cake M-magic350 M-elixir100
Blocking Materials M-magic350 M-elixir100
Collection of Fruit M-magic350 M-elixir100
Pawpsicle Cooler M-magic350 M-elixir100
Stack of Animals M-magic350 M-elixir100
Finely Carved Organ M-magic380 M-elixir150
Golden Lamp Trophy M-magic380 M-elixir150
Half a Cup Trophy M-magic380 M-elixir150
Mermaids Statue M-magic380 M-elixir150
Scare Storage M-magic380 M-elixir150
Chessboard M-magic420 M-elixir200
Fish Fountain M-magic420 M-elixir200
Flag of Corona M-magic420 M-elixir200
Olaf Sand Sculptures M-magic420 M-elixir200
Pirate Warning Statue M-magic420 M-elixir200
Pumpkin Wall M-magic420 M-elixir200
Stone Dragon Statue M-magic420 M-elixir200
Tribute to Heroes M-magic420 M-elixir200
Tribute to Heroines M-magic420 M-elixir200
TRON Mickey Light M-magic420 M-elixir200
An Ode to the Seamstress M-magic460 M-elixir250
Simba's Tree M-magic460 M-elixir250
Swan Fountain M-magic460 M-elixir250
The Queen's Throne M-magic460 M-elixir250
Fisherman's Getaway M-magic500 M-elixir350
Golden Honey Pot M-magic500 M-elixir350
Intergalactic Alliance Memorial M-magic500 M-elixir350
Antler Crown Topiary M-magic550 M-elixir450
Cannon Statue M-magic550 M-elixir450
Coronian Sun Dial M-magic550 M-elixir450
Musical Fountain M-magic550 M-elixir450
Planter M-magic550 M-elixir450
Lion King Statue M-magic600 M-elixir550
Lost Love Fountain M-magic600 M-elixir550
Minnie's Tea Table M-magic600 M-elixir550
Pirate Mast M-magic600 M-elixir550
Bronzed Briar Rose M-magic650 M-elixir700
CDA Monument: Heroes of Espionage M-magic650 M-elixir700
Gaston Statue M-magic650 M-elixir700
Headless Horseman Statue M-magic650 M-elixir700