Be Our Guest Event 2017

Beast, Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip were planning a beautiful outdoor ball for Belle when the villainous Gaston arrived to ruin their plans! Help save the day and collect exclusive limited-time content in the new month-long event!

And if you’re looking for more to do, help Chip and Dale with their search of a great acorn haul! Get ready to welcome them after building the Snuggly Duckling attraction!

- 4th March 2017

Update 9 - Beauty and the Beast Event (Live Chat)24:32

Update 9 - Beauty and the Beast Event (Live Chat)

The Incredibles Event 2016

When the evil Omnidroid raids the park, The Incredibles arrive to save the day! Mrs. Incredible kicks off the multi-week event... when Syndrome reveals himself and his diabolical plan to take control of the Kingdom! Hurry to stop the Omnidroid and defeat Syndrome!

- 10th June 2016

Update 2 - The Incredibles Event (Live Chat)23:56

Update 2 - The Incredibles Event (Live Chat)

This Is Halloween Event 2016

Join Jack Skellington, Sally and Zero to thwart Oogie Boogie's plans. Discover tons of new content, including the highly anticipated Haunted Mansion!

- 11th October 2016

Update 5 - Halloween Event (Live Chat) Part 115:56

Update 5 - Halloween Event (Live Chat) Part 1

Update 5 - Halloween Event (Live Chat) Part 207:24

Update 5 - Halloween Event (Live Chat) Part 2

Winter Wonders Event 2016

Join Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff on a frosty journey to find the source of the storm that is brewing in the Kingdom. This update is crammed with plenty of festive new content, including Elsa's Ice Palace and holiday costumes for Mickey and Minnie!

- 3rd December 2016

Update 7 - Frozen Event (Live Chat)28:14

Update 7 - Frozen Event (Live Chat)

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