Character Dialogue
C-pete Yeah, this is my kind of place! Especially now that all that bright and cheery stuff's gone.
C-pete And without all them kids around, I can finally get some peace and quiet. Yep, think I'll call this place home.
C-goofy Hey there, Pete! Ya here to enjoy the Kingdom?
C-pete Heh heh, yeah. I'll enjoy the Kingdom all right.
Character Dialogue
C-merlin I couldn't have done better myself! This part of the Kingdom is now free of that wretched Curse!
C-merlin Unfortunately, it's also free of laughter and happiness, which is a most definite problem.
C-merlin But, I have a solution! We shall start rebuilding so that our friends can return. We begin with the Fun Wheel!

Let the Fun Begin

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom Build the Fun Wheel. 45s M-xp5, M-magic100
Character Dialogue
C-merlin To hurry things along, I have some powerful gems that will speed up this Magic!
C-mickey mouse Oh boy! rebuilding the Fun Wheel brought some friends back to the Kingdom!
C-merlin Excellent! The Kingdom is looking more joyful already!