Legendary & Magical Chest Promotions give players the opportunity to purchase Legendary and Magical Enchanted Chests to win prizes and help complete their collections, for a limited time only.

Legendary Chest Prizes

Magical Chest Prizes


Character Collection Date
The Incredibles 6th - 17th January
The Incredibles 10th - 15th February
Nightmare Before Christmas 24th February - 1st March
Frozen 28th April - 8th May
The Incredibles 10th - 15th May
Mulan 2nd - 7th June
The Incredibles 14th - 19th June
Beauty and the Beast 21st June - 1st July
Nightmare Before Christmas 3rd - 8th August
Frozen 10th - 15th August
Mulan 14th - 19th September
The Incredibles 21st - 26th September
Beauty and the Beast 6th - 16th October



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