Character Dialogue
C-mrs. incredible When you're a Super, you can't go around in disguise all the time...
C-mrs. incredible People have to see you as your secret identity every now and then. It helps to keep up the illusion.
C-mrs. incredible ... Which is why Helen Parr is going downtown for her weekly grocery run.

Keeping Up Appearances

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mrs. incredible
Level 4
Send Mrs. Incredible to maintain her secret identity. *
"Maintain Secret Identity"
8h Update-2-m-currency50

* Requires The Omnidroid City

Character Dialogue
C-mrs. incredible I'm back! And I made sure to say "Hello" to all sorts of friendly civilians while I was out.
C-mrs. incredible ... Ooh, I hope no one saw me reaching for the baking soda on the top shelf.
C-mrs. incredible I know I should of asked for a ladder, but it was so easy to stretch for.


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