Character Dialogue
C-jessie Woody, we gotta do something! Sure, Buzz's Spanish mode is kinda mysterious and exotic and romantic...
C-woody But there's a good chance he'll find a rocket and blow himself up trying to get to outer space.
C-jessie Yeah! So we gotta fix him before Zurg lasers us to smithereens!

Jessie Never Gives Up

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Jessie to Pizza Planet to find a cure. *
"Brainstorm a Cure for Buzz"
60m M-xp7, M-magic50

* Requires Pizza Planet

Character Dialogue
C-jessie So, are you good with the plan?
C-woody You mean the one where we hold Buzz down, find the reset button, and push it as many times as it takes to get him back?
C-jessie That's the one!
C-jessie We got ourselves a plan! Now we just gotta find Buzz and hog-tie him.