Character Dialogue
C-syndrome Even though I'm their sworn nemesis, there's one thing I've gotta love about the Incredibles...
C-syndrome ... How impossibly easy they are to spy on!
C-syndrome Come on! If they actually thought I'd never try to break into their house again, then I am REALLY selling them short...

Home Invasion

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Syndrome to the Incredibles' house. *
"Go to the Incredibles House"
60m Update-2-m-currency25

* Requires The Incredibles House

Character Dialogue
C-syndrome AHH! That hurt! Somebody needs to teach that baby to respect his elders!
C-syndrome Well, lesson learned. Next time, don't underestimate the infant.
C-syndrome But seriously, how was I supposed to know the kid had laser vision?