Character Dialogue
C-jack skellington As Pumpkin King, Halloween Town looks to me to make this year's holiday better than ever... I can't rest on my laurels!
C-jack skellington ... If only they knew that I concoct all my best ideas WHILE resting! At home, that is.
C-jack skellington I wonder if there's anything in my library that REALLY explains the human fear response properly...

Home, Scary Home

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-jack skellington
Level 1
Send Jack home to think up more scaring ideas. *
"Ponder Scary Plans"
30m M-xp5, Update-5-m-currency50

* Requires Jack's House

Character Dialogue
C-jack skellington Well, I've just found EXACTLY what I was looking for! I knew I kept my reading room well-appointed for a reason...
C-jack skellington Seven hundred glorious pages on the use of black cats for atmospheric effect... Perfection!
C-jack skellington I suppose I should save the last six hundred pages for tomorrow...