Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel Flynn, would you help me with something? I can't decide which of my paintings to throw away.
C-flynn Throw away? Why would you want to throw away your art? It's actually kind of nice.
C-rapunzel Well, it's just that... the walls of my tower are kind of... full. So, there isn't enough room for me to hang them all.
C-flynn You know the tower's not the ONLY place you can hang art, Blondie. Maybe the people around here would like to see them.

Hanging Out

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Rapunzel to Paint in her Tower *
"Painting in Gallery"
24h M-xp25, M-magic150

* Requires Rapunzel's Tower

Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel I can't believe it! Everyone here really likes my art.
C-flynn Say... I've got a crazy idea. Why not SELL your paintings? A little extra spending money couldn't hurt, right?
C-rapunzel I've got an even better idea! I'll give them away for free!
C-flynn Excuse me, but how is that a BETTER idea?
C-rapunzel Every piece of art deserves a happy, loving home!