Character Dialogue
C-li shang A true commander sets the same standards for himself as for his troops -- mentally AND physically.
C-li shang Which is to say -- given how outspoken I am to MY troops about fitness -- it's important that I'm seen to be staying in shape!
C-li shang Thankfully, I perfected my own workout regimen long before I was assigned to this unit. Here -- let me demonstrate!

Gimme Twenty!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-li shang
Level 1
Send Shang to keep in shape.
"Keep in Shape"
6h M-xp5, Update-8-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-li shang ... There! And unless I timed it wrong, I think that was my fastest lap yet!
C-li shang Of course, the REAL tactical advantage here is in using rice bags as my weight of choice...
C-li shang After all that jostling, the contents should be nicely polished for use in the cook's morning porridge!
C-li shang Some say that porridge rice doesn't NEED polishing... but I'D say they aren't thinking strategically.