Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-nbc I bet a little music would cheer everyone up... It's hard to be scared when you feel like dancing!
C-goofy-nbc You got that right, Mickey. I can't think of ANYTHING less scary than my tuba!

Full Moon Tunes

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mickey mouse-nbc
Send Mickey and Goofy to play some not-so-scary songs.
"Haunting Tunes"
60m M-xp5, Update-5-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-nbc Oh boy... What a great show!
C-goofy-nbc You can say that again, pal! Boy, even Pete looked happy to see us playin'!
C-mickey mouse-nbc ... I think that's because he was wearing earplugs, Goof. But it's nice of you to say so!
C-mickey mouse-nbc Not even PETE deserves to be scared -- and he's pretty scary himself!