Character Dialogue
C-oogie boogie I'm callin' you OUT, Jack! Ain't NOBODY scarier than the Boogie Man, and it's 'bout time everyone KNOWS it!
C-jack skellington Interesting... Are you challenging me to an Official Scare-Off? Because if so... I ACCEPT!
C-jack skellington Be as terrifying as you're able, Oogie... and may the spine-chillingest specter win!

Fright vs. Fright

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-oogie boogie
Level 2
Send Oogie and Jack to have an Official Scare-Off.
"Spooky Boss Spook Off"
6h M-xp5, Update-5-m-currency50
C-jack skellington
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-jack skellington Let's see... I opened with an Overhand Cambodian Ultra-Startle, segueing into an Anticlockwise Bloodcurdler's Gambit...
C-jack skellington And you... tried to eat one of the spectators when you thought I wasn't looking.
C-jack skellington I don't care WHAT edition of the Official Scare-Off Manual you're using... That disqualifies you in ALL of them!
C-oogie boogie WHAT?! I was robbed! ROBBED, I tell ya!
C-oogie boogie ... How about best two outta three?