Character Dialogue
C-bo peep Woody said he was gonna stop by Pizza Planet this afternoon.
C-bo peep Maybe I'll stop by and see what he's up to.
C-bo peep You never know; he might be in the mood to buy a girl a game of pinball.

Follow That Smell

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-bo peep
Level 7
Send Bo Peep to visit Pizza Planet. *
"Visit Pizza Planet"
12h M-xp15, M-magic100

* Requires Pizza Planet

Character Dialogue
C-bo peep Woody is so sweet. He was at Pizza Planet looking for my sheep.
C-bo peep I wish he'd told me though. I could have saved him the trip. They can't stand the smell of cheese.
C-bo peep Well, back to the search. Oh, where are those sheep?!