Character Dialogue
C-oogie boogie It ain't ENOUGH that Jack's a low-down dirty rotten stinker of a skeleton... Why's he gotta bust up all my best deathtraps, TOO?
C-oogie boogie Do you KNOW how tough it is to whittle a roulette wheel outta bloodstone?!
C-oogie boogie I DON'T KNOW! I had Lock, Shock, and Barrel do it! But they wouldn't stop complainin' about it the whole TIME!
C-oogie boogie Lucky that ol' Dr. Finkelstein keeps his keys under his doormat... I can use his lab to whip me up a brand-new trap or two!

Fixer Upper (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-oogie boogie
Level 3
Send Oogie to the Finkelstein Tower to create a contraption. *
"Oogie's Experiments"
8h M-xp5, Update-5-m-currency50

* Requires Finkelstein Tower

Character Dialogue
C-oogie boogie Lousy two-bit hunk o' JUNK!
C-oogie boogie I put together this slot machine JUST like the instructions, and what does it do? Spits QUARTERS at me!- How'm I supposed to terrify anyone with THAT?
C-oogie boogie Maybe I could try fillin' it up with battle-axes...