Experience or XP (M-xp) is a way of rewarding you for your progress and evolution in-game. Purchasing attractions, concessions, decorations, completing quests and welcoming characters are all possible ways to earn experience. When enough experience is obtained, you will move onto a new level and the experience bar is reset.

Levels are certain tiers of experience that, when achieved, unlock new content such as attractions, decorations, and quests, as well as certain jobs. You will also be rewarded with Gems and Magic.


Level Rewards
1 M-cross
2 M-gem3, M-magic50
3 M-gem1, M-magic75
4 M-gem1, M-magic100
5 M-gem2, M-magic150
6 M-gem1, M-magic175
7 M-gem1, M-magic200
8 M-gem1, M-magic225
9 M-gem1, M-magic250
10 M-gem2, M-magic300

Level Rewards
11 M-gem1, M-magic325
12 M-gem1, M-magic350
13 M-gem1, M-magic375
14 M-gem1, M-magic400
15 M-gem2, M-magic450
16 M-gem1, M-magic475
17 M-gem1, M-magic500
18 M-gem1, M-magic525
19 M-gem1, M-magic550
20 M-gem2, M-magic600

Level Rewards
21 M-gem1, M-magic625
22 M-gem1, M-magic650
23 M-gem1, M-magic675
24 M-gem1, M-magic700
25 M-gem2, M-magic750
26 M-gem1, M-magic775
27 M-gem1, M-magic800
28 M-gem1, M-magic825
29 M-gem1, M-magic850
30 M-gem2, M-magic900

Level Rewards
31 M-gem1, M-magic925
32 M-gem1, M-magic950
33 M-gem1, M-magic975
34 M-gem1, M-magic1,000
35 M-gem2, M-magic1,050
36 M-gem1, M-magic1,075
37 M-gem1, M-magic1,100
38 M-gem1, M-magic1,125
39 M-gem1, M-magic1,150
40 M-gem2, M-magic1,200

Level Rewards
41 M-gem1, M-magic1,225
42 M-gem1, M-magic1,250
43 M-gem1, M-magic1,275
44 M-gem1, M-magic1,300
45 M-gem2, M-magic1,350
46 M-gem1, M-magic1,375
47 M-gem1, M-magic1,400
48 M-gem1, M-magic1,425
49 M-gem1, M-magic1,450
50 M-gem2, M-magic1,500

Level Rewards
51 M-gem1, M-magic1,525
52 M-gem1, M-magic1,550
53 M-gem1, M-magic1,575
54 M-gem1, M-magic1,600
55 M-gem2, M-magic1,650
56 M-gem1, M-magic1,675
57 M-gem1, M-magic1,700
58 M-gem1, M-magic1,725


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