Character Dialogue
C-buzz lightyear You're not hurting anyone today, Zurg!
C-zurg That's what you think, Buzz Lightyear! Ah-ha-ha-ha!
C-buzz lightyear Well, if you want a fight, then it's a fight you'll get. Prepare to meet the blaster of justice!

Enemy in My Midst

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-buzz lightyear
Level 1
Send Buzz to Confront Zurg. *
"Confront Zurg"
6h M-xp30, M-magic200

* Requires Astro Orbiters

Character Dialogue
C-jessie Buzz! Are you all right? That Zurg wasn't playing fair. He hit you too hard!
C-buzz lightyear ...
C-jessie Buzz... Buzz... Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!
C-jessie We gotta fix him before Zurg comes back!
C-buzz lightyear I gotta find Woody and tell him what happened!