The Enchanted Chests feature was introduced to the game with the Cinderella Update on 29th July 2016.


You can find Enchanted Chests hidden throughout your Kingdom. The train also delivers a chest once a day. Even completing quests and activities can reward you with a chest. There are always Enchanted Chests to discover every day!

Cursed chests can have their curse dispelled at the Treasure Bank. Move the cursed chest from its storage onto an open platform to dispel its curse. When the curse is dispelled you can then open the chest to get a reward. Some rewards, such as Magic and Experience, are collected the moment you open the chest! Rewards such as Attractions, Concessions, Decorations and Characters are moved to the Shop and Welcome screens.

Keep searching, dispelling curses and opening chests for great rewards. Good luck!

Possible Rewards

There are seven types of Chests that can be found in the Kingdom or purchased using Gems; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Legendary, Magical, and Sapphire. Inside these chests, you will find Magic and Tokens. But if you get lucky, you will find exclusive decorations, concessions and attractions.

Chest Rarity Time Cost
Bronze Common 3h M-elixir500
Silver Less common 6h M-elixir1,500
Gold Rare 12h M-elixir5,000
Platinum Mythically rare 24h M-elixir7,500
Legendary Limited time Instant M-gem60
Magical Limited time Instant M-gem15

Bronze Chest
T-f-blue T-f-silver floral T-f-purple T-mickey and friends T-mickey mouse-2 T-mickey mouse-3 T-toy story T-jessie-2 T-jessie-3 T-buzz lightyear-2 T-peter pan T-monsters inc T-sleeping beauty T-cinderella T-potc T-will turner-2 T-will turner-3 T-elizabeth swann-3 T-jungle book T-incredibles T-nbc T-sally-3 T-frozen T-olaf-2 T-anna-3 T-sven-2 T-kristoff-2 T-mulan T-mushu-2 T-batb T-beast-2 T-beast-3 T-cogsworth-3 T-chip potts-2 T-zootopia T-lion king T-zazu-2 T-zazu-2 T-pumbaa-2 T-pumbaa-3 T-rafiki-2 T-rafiki-3 T-aladdin T-carpet-2 T-carpet-3 T-iago-2 T-white rabbit-2 T-white rabbit-3 T-march hare-2 T-cheshire cat-2 T-sneezy-2 T-sneezy-3 T-sleepy-2
Silver Chest
T-f-silver floral T-f-purple T-f-green dot T-f-red striped T-goofy-3 T-minnie mouse-2 T-sarge-2 T-bo peep-2 T-bo peep-3 T-mike wazowski-2 T-mike wazowski-3 T-sulley-2 T-randall boggs-3 T-flynn-3 T-violet-3 T-prince charming-2 * T-prince charming-3 T-potc T-will turner-2 T-will turner-3 T-elizabeth swann-3 T-jack skellington-2 T-jack skellington-3 T-sally-2 T-sally-3 T-olaf-3 T-sven-3 T-mushu-3 T-mulan-2 T-mulan-3 T-judy hopps-2 T-judy hopps-3 T-nick wilde-2 T-nick wilde-3 T-timon-2 T-timon-3 T-nala-2 T-nala-3 T-simba-2 T-simba-3 T-abu-2 T-abu-3 T-jasmine-2 T-jasmine-3 T-iago-3 T-genie-2 T-genie-3 T-march hare-3 T-cheshire cat-3 T-alice-2 T-bashful-2 T-bashful-3 T-sleepy-3 T-captain hook-2 T-captain hook-3
Gold Chest
T-f-green dot T-f-red striped T-f-white blue pattern T-f-orange pattern T-f-gold floral T-bo peep-2 T-bo peep-3 T-pete-3 T-zurg-2 T-roz-2 T-flynn-2 T-flynn-3 T-aurora-2 T-mr. incredible-3 T-prince charming-2 * T-cinderella-2 T-elizabeth swann-3 T-sally-2 T-sally-3 T-oogie boogie-2 T-oogie boogie-3 T-hans-2 T-hans-3 T-gaston-2 T-gaston-3 T-scar-2 T-scar-3 T-jafar-2 T-jafar-3 T-the queen-2 T-the queen-3
Platinum Chest
T-f-white blue pattern T-f-orange pattern T-donald duck-3 T-pete-3 T-syndrome-2 T-prince charming-2 * T-oogie boogie-2 T-oogie boogie-3 T-hans-2 T-hans-3 T-gaston-2 T-gaston-3 T-shere khan-2 T-shere khan-3 T-the queen-2 T-the queen-3

Concessions are cycling, changing every few weeks.

Decorations are cycling, changing every few weeks.

Legendary & Magical Chests

C-enchanted chest-legendary-c
C-enchanted chest-magical-c

Players are often presented with Legendary Chest and Magical Chest promotions. They include prizes from previous events to help players complete their collections, for a limited time only!

Buy Chests

Package Contains Cost
Platinum Chest 1 Platinum Chest M-gem50
Legendary Chest 1 Legendary Chest M-gem60
Magical Chest 1 Magical Chest M-gem15
Platinum Multi-Pack 11 Platinum Chests M-gem400

Limited Time Sales

Players are often presented with Enchanted Chests promotions, which can save them up to 50% on Enchanted Chests. These sales generally only last a few days.

Promotion Date
Australia Day Sale 28th - 31st January
Back to School Sale 1st - 4th September
Boxing Week Sales 26th December - 2nd January 2018

Promotion Date
This Is Halloween Event 2016 28th - 30th October
Cyber Monday Sale 28th November
Boxing Day Sale 26th December