Character Dialogue
C-woody Good news, Rex! It's international Dinosaur Day.
C-rex International Dinosaur Day?! Why haven't I heard about this before?
C-woody Probably because it's not a big holiday for the greeting card companies.
C-rex That's all right. I don't need a card. I just want to celebrate on behalf of all dinosaurs everywhere!

Dino Day

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Tell Rex to wander and express his excitement.
"Happy Dance"
60m M-xp10, M-magic100
Character Dialogue
C-rex What a revelation! International Dinosaur Day was amazing!
C-woody Really? What'd you do to celebrate?
C-rex I stomped and roared and pretended I got hit by a meteorite.
C-rex Oh no! I hope I didn't forget any important Dinosaur Day traditions!


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